Coronation Street spoiler: Daniel Osbourne takes devastating revenge on Chesney Brown

You wouldn't want to be in Chesney's shoes right now

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Chesney Brown is going to rue the day he ever tried to take on Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street.

The kebab shop worker – played by actor Sam Aston in the ITV soap – smacked himself in the face with a brick last week to frame Daniel in order to get Sinead Tinker away from him once and for all.

Chesney punched himself with a brick because he’s ever so slightly deranged (Credit: ITV)
Sinead jumped to the worst conclusion about Daniel because she’s not the sharpest tool in the box (Credit: ITV)

But it seems Daniel will not back away easily and this week he’s set to take devastating revenge on Chesney.

With Chesney and Sinead planning their stag and hen parties ahead of their lacklustre wedding, Daniel spies the perfect opportunity for payback.

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Seeing that the alleyway where Chesney hit himself is in direct line of sight of the Rovers’ CCTV system, Daniel puts his plan into action.

Sinead’s aunt Beth Tinker has prepared a touching DVD of her niece’s childhood to play at the hen party for half of Weatherfield.

Sinead massively overreacted to the DVD ploy (Credit: ITV)
Sinead’s horrified about what Chesney has done (Credit: ITV)

Fortunately, Daniel is handed the DVD that Beth has created by his boss at the Bistro, Robert Preston.

Popping out to the Rovers where Chesney’s party is being held, Daniel corners him and points out the CCTV and convinces him the footage of Chesney framing him is about to be played to Sinead and all his friends and family.

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Terrified that he’s about to be exposed for his sad attempt at soap scheming, Chesney overreacts and runs to the Bistro, bursting in.

Seeing that Beth is about to play the video to the party, Chesney wrestles with her and knocks her to the floor.

Sinead’s horrified at what Chesney has done, but when Tracy steps in and hits play, his life is about to get even worse…

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