Emmerdale SPOILER: Dales couple to split?

Is another favourite ship about to bite the dust?

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Oh Emmerdale, please just leave our favourite soap ships alone, already.

You’ve messed around enough with Robron and Chariett and we really don’t want to see Faith and Pollard (Follard?) end up in Splitsville.

Is Faith after Eric’s money? (Credit: ITV)

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There is trouble in store for the couple though when Eric becomes convinced that Faith is a gold-digger and purely after his money.

Think he’s letting the ‘Dingle’ name get to him a bit.

It all starts to go a bit wrong when Eric’s son, David Metcalfe, decides that Faith is only into Eric because of his money and fineries.

While Eric doesn’t take the accusations too seriously, it plants that tiny seed of doubt and he ends up looking for signs that Faith is all about the money.

When she tries to kiss him, Eric – worried about what he’s heard – backs away.

Has David ruined things for Eric? (Credit: ITV)

Faith assumes he’s judging her by her mastectomy in the same way Rodney and Rishi did and is scared, hurt and confused.

Nice one, Eric.

But, David soon realises he’s got it all wrong – and is determined to get the pair back together.

While he convinces Eric easily enough, Faith might take a bit more persuading.

Pollard is hurt when he sees Faith flirting with Rodney and David encourages him to be open and honest about his feelings.

Love blossoms in the most unexpected of places (Credit: BBC)

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Rodney tries to take Faith out on a date on a BUS, but Pollard soon shoots past in a Bentley and lets her know what she’s missing.

Will they ever be able to put their joint stubbornness to one side and reconcile? Oh GOD PLEASE ALREADY!

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