EastEnders SPOILER: Could the game be up for Max, as Jane wakes from her coma?

He left her for dead and tried to bump her off in the hospital, so will Jane reveal all about evil Max when she finally comes round?

Max Branning’s evil revenge plot could be under threat again this month, when Jane Beale finally wakes up from her coma.

The sinister businessman thinks he has got away with things so far, as Jane has been in a coma ever since the day of the gas explosion in the Square.

With her knowing all about both of their lies and secrets, Max sent Steven to finish Jane off.

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He found her in Beales’ restaurant and, after a confrontation, started a fire and was going to leave her to die.

Steven had an attack of conscience and was about to save his stepmum, but Max was determined to stop him.

They had a fight, which ultimately led to Steven’s death from an impact injury, and Jane was left in the burning building.

After learning she hadn’t died in the fire, Max has since visited the hospital to try and finish Jane off himself, but has been thwarted at every turn.

He’s even been pretending to be bezzies with Ian Beale to gain access to Jane’s bedside.

She knows that Steven had faked his brain tumour, that Max knew all about it, and that he had been plotting revenge on everyone who he blamed for getting him put in prison.

But complications from her condition led doctors to suggest that she could have brain damage.

Her husband Ian has been at Jane’s hospital bedside and has relied on Max for support, having no idea what his so-called friend has really been up to.

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So now, as Jane is going to wake up from her coma, who knows what she will remember?

One thing’s for sure – Max will want to stop her talking, and could go to any lengths.

These scenes will air in the second week of October, with Jane waking up on Thursday October 12.