Coronation Street SPOILER: Chesney vanishes after abandoning Ruby and Hope

Are his panic attacks taking over his life?

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Anyone who’s ever suffered a panic attack can feel nothing but sympathy for Corrie’s Chesney Brown after his recent experience at the kebab shop.

Chesney suffers another panic attack (Credit: ITV)

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Ches, who’s been freaked out since his shock stabbing at the Bistro left him in a coma, began having the heart palpitations and out-of-control feelings associated with chronic anxiety conditions.

The incident left him fearing he was having a heart attack and fleeing the shop, leaving Cathy Matthews to cover for him by confessing she was late for her shift.

Since then Ches has avoided leaving the house, a common tactic for anyone suffering from anxiety who fears the loss of control they experience might embarrass them in public.

Like many sufferers, Ches has felt too humiliated to confess his fears and when Fiz and Sinead question why he hasn’t left the house, Ches tells them he is planning on taking Hope and Ruby into town.

The women are relieved and, not sensing anything is amiss, leave Ches to it.

Chesney has a panic attack on the bus into town (Credit: ITV)

But later, on the bus, Ches suffers another debilitating attack and asks the driver to open the doors.

With his fight or flight reflex taking over, Chesney flees from the bus, leaving Hope and Ruby on board.

When Sinead, Fiz and Tyrone don’t hear from Chesney, they start fearing the worst.

Will the kids be returned safely? And where has Ches run to?

Tyrone eventually finds him cowering in fear in a shed at the allotments but will his friends and family be able to look beyond him ‘abandoning’ his kids and give him the support he needs?

Will his nearest and dearest support him? (Credit: ITV)

Or will they be too cross about Ruby and Hope to realise Ches is in need of help himself?

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If you or anyone you know are suffering from debilitating panic attacks, please call MIND on 0300 123 3393, text on 86463 or visit