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Emmerdale SPOILER: Chas tells Paddy the heartbreaking truth

How will Paddy react?

Chas Dingle has been keeping a devastating secret from fiance Paddy Kirk – she’s not told him that their baby girl has a serious health condition that means she won’t survive.

But this week, she finally breaks down and reveals the heartbreaking truth.

How will Paddy react?

Chas agrees to let Marlon and Paddy throw her a baby shower (Credit: ITV)

Despite her despair over the knowledge that her baby can’t survive, Chas agrees to let Paddy and his best friend Marlon throw her a baby shower.

Worried woman two men
Paddy and Marlon want to throw Chas a baby shower (Credit: ITV)

She arrives just as everyone is putting up the decorations and seems anxious and out of sorts – not surprisingly.

Sad mother
Chas is anxious (Credit: ITV)

When Marlon gently wonders what’s wrong, poor Chas bursts into tears and Marlon tells a worried Paddy he needs to go upstairs and see his fiancee.

Chas has some bad news for Paddy (Credit: ITV)

When Paddy finds Chas, she bravely tells him the bad news about their baby and crumples into his arms.

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Poor Paddy is in bits, and as Chas sobs, he breaks down too.

Chas explains what’s wrong with their baby girl (Credit: ITV)

Can their relationship survive this?

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