EastEnders SPOILER: Tina’s past comes back to haunt her!

Could her daughter Zsa Zsa be on her way back to Albert Square?

Tina Carter’s past arrives in Albert Square with a bang next week, when a friend of her daughter Zsa Zsa comes to Walford.

After another wild night on the town, Tina gets a ticking off from boss Kathy. But she’s distracted in the middle of her tirade by a pregnant customer who’s feeling ill.

Tina rushes to help the young woman – whose name is Georgi – but she’s confused when she sees her at The Vic later.

Georgi’s chatting to Shirley and Tina spots her sister giving the woman some money. Eager to know what’s going on, Tina quizzes the women.

Shirley gives Georgi money (Credit: BBC)

But when Georgi realises Tina is Zsa Zsa’s mum she isn’t impressed and she gives her some very harsh words. Ouch!

It turns out Zsa Zsa has asked Shirley to look after her mate Georgi. But Tina’s upset her daughter didn’t send her friend to her for help instead.

Tina wants to know what’s going on (Credit: BBC)

Wanting to make things right, Tina tries to get to know their visitor.

Tina tries to make amends (Credit: BBC)

When Georgi reveals she’s fallen out with her mum, Tina decides she’s going to get the pair to make up. She steals Georgi’s phone and and meets up with the grandmother-to-be. But she accidentally lets slip that Georgi’s in Walford…

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Later a panicked Georgi is horrified to hear what Tina’s done. Frantically she decides to leave, but Shirley manages to calm her down and admit that Tina made a mistake.

Georgi’s not happy about Tina’s interference (Credit: BBC)

Tina’s upset by Shirley’s harsh words, but that all pales into insignificance when the Carter women get a BIG shock.

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Could another Carter be on her way to Walford?!

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