Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain to cheat on Harriet – with Moira?

Is it Charriet or Coira for you?

We’re all loving Cain Dingle and Harriet Finch together in Emmerdale, aren’t we? Short of him getting together with Rhona Goskirk (the DREAM, let’s be honest) it’s the second best thing to Coira.

Was this kiss the catalyst? (Credit: ITV)

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But, after Cain and Moira’s recent kiss, we’ve all been left wondering if ‘Coira’ is as dead and buried as we’ve been led to believe.

And we’re not the only ones to wonder if Cain’s ultimate soulmate is his ex. Dales boss, Iain MacLeod has gone on record stating that he thinks Cain and Moira will ultimately get back together.

He’s teased a massive story coming up for Moira and also teased that the fans want the popular ship back together.

He told Inside Soap: “I love Moira, who I think deserves to be at the centre of the show – and she certainly will be heading into 2018.

Dales boss Iain thinks Coira are the one (Credit: ITV)

“People really seem to like Cain and Harriet being together as a couple, yet even so, I think fans believe Cain and Moira are the ones who are meant to be with each other.

“But is their relationship damaged beyond all repair.?”

Team Coira are hoping not. Stans of the Dales ship were rejoicing when Cain and Moira shared a sneaky snog earlier this month.

The passionate moment was set in motion when Moira caught her hair in the waste disposal unit (yep, Shakespeare, eat ya heart out) and Cain came to her rescue.

Not exactly a knight in shining armour, more like a filthy mechanic with a spanner, but it was enough for Moira to realise what she’d been missing.

But we love Charriet too! (Credit: ITV)

As they sat laughing together at the kitchen table, she made her move and planted a passionate smacker on an unsuspecting Cain – who wasn’t complaining.

“Yassssss Moira & Cain!!!” said one fan. “Please please please let this be the star of them rekindling! #mademynight!”

Others added “Coira amazing chemistry. No doubt they belong together!” and “The magic is still there! #Coiraforever”

It was clear this was what they’d been waiting for, with tweets like: “It’s about time these two got back together. It would make me and a lot of other fans very very happy” and “They’re perfect for each other! Get rid of the vicar!”

Later when the two met up again, Cain wanted to know what was going on, telling Moira: “You can see I’m trying to move on. You made it crystal clear that we were done.”

But she responded emotionally: “Do you think I’d still be this angry if I didn’t still love you? Do you think I’d be that dense?”

Unbeknownst to them, Harriet was hidden out of sight but appeared to hear every word.

It looks like Emmerdale’s biggest love triangle since Chas/Cameron/Debbie is about to kick off, if Cain cheats on Harriet with Moira.

Oh Lord, we are TORN! (Credit: ITV)

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We’re really not sure where our feels lie on this, but let us know your thoughts. #teamcoira #teamcharriet