Emmerdale SPOILER: Cain steps up to save Moira – but is it too late?

When the stressed new mum makes a dangerous mistake, will her former flame come to her rescue?

As Moira hits rock bottom this week, it looks as if her unlikely hero could just be Cain.

But whether he gets involved in time to stop things going out of control – and whether she will accept her help – remains to be seen.

Moira has been struggling ever since the shock birth of her baby son and the death of Emma, and she has been overwhelmed by everything that has happened.

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She’s been trying to hold it together, but is exhausted – and Victoria’s constant baby chatter isn’t helping either.

When she notices that baby Isaac seems unwell, she decides to take him to the doctor for a check up.

The GP diagnoses colic, but she’s still worried and so rushes him to the hospital for a second opinion.

But while they are there, Moira finds it all too overwhelming and – in a panic – she decides to abandon the baby in the hospital and rushes back to the farm.

Back home, she meets Faith who realises she is on edge and in a desperate state as she heart-breakingly confesses what she has done.

The pair race back to the hospital, where Faith helps out by talking to the nurses to explain what happened and reassure them that everything is fine.

But whether the medical staff will believe them remains to be seen.

Moira is left stressed and panicked, especially when she learns social services are planning to visit her.

And after talking to his worried mum, Cain starts to realise just how much Moira is struggling.

He turns up at the farm, determined to reach out to his ex and help her with their son.

Cain really wants to be there for her – but will she let him?

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The fans of these star-crossed lovers – the ‘Coira’ contingent – will certainly be hoping this is the thing that will bring the pair back together.

Emmerdale is on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.