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Emmerdale SPOILER: Bob and Laurel on the rocks?

A vengeful Brenda tries to sabotage their relationship

Bob and Laurel’s new relationship is already facing challenges when a bitter Brenda decides to try to sabotage their night alone together.

Bob is cross when Brenda uses the twins against him (Credit: ITV)

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And Bob is left furious when he discovers she’s using the twins Heath and Cathy as part of her plan to make sure he and new love Laurel don’t have any alone time.

After realising Brenda is using the twins in her vendetta, she’s dismayed when Bob insists they stay at Laurel’s until she gets a grip on herself and using them in her mind games.

But it’s not long before it becomes clear that everyone is overwhelmed by their new family set-up. Will the twins stay at Laurel’s?

Bob has been trying to keep things civil in front of the kids (Credit: ITV)

Bob and Laurel have recently made it official after sneaking around behind Brenda’s back for months, despite Bob and Brenda actually tying the knot a couple of weeks ago.

Soap fans hailed it as the shortest marriage in history as Brenda sensationally dumped Bob about half an hour after saying ‘I do.’

Broken-hearted Brenda, who knew all about Bob’s affair with widow Laurel, spotted photos of her new husband looking less than happy when he thought the camera wasn’t on him.

Realising that Bob didn’t actually want to be married to her Brenda stormed out of their reception before telling Bob that marrying her shouldn’t be a punishment.

Bob and Laurel were having an affair behind Brenda’s back (Credit: ITV)

In emotional scenes, Brenda told Bob she couldn’t pretend anymore and that their marriage was a sham. Convinced he’d rather be with Laurel, she told Bob she deserved better than being second best…

Brenda then handed Bob back her wedding ring as he left their home with a bag of his belongings, while a confused Laurel looked on from the street.

Many fans were delighted that long-suffering Brenda had finally given Bob the boot, and many others commented on how little time the marriage had lasted!

One fan wrote: “I feel so sorry for Brenda, I really wanted her and Bob to have a happy ever after.”

Brenda dumped Bob on their wedding day (Credit: ITV)

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Another added: “Poor Brenda she deserves so much better than a lying cheat like Bob.”

A third even suggested that there’s more to come, predicting: “I feel the Laurel and Bob story is not over yet.”

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