EastEnders SPOILER: Bex and Sonia headed for shock love triangle?

As if Bex didn't have enough to deal with for one year

While everyone else around the country is no doubt celebrating the best GCSE results that have ever been achieved EVER, Bex Fowler isn’t feeling quite so celebratory.

Gethin thinks Bex is amazing (Credit: BBC)

In fact, she’s actually pretty narked off for not doing as well as she hoped in her music exam.

Ok, before y’all start defending her and telling us she’s had a lot going on, what with her best friend being set on fire and her auntie getting all naked with her boyfriend, let’s just remember Denise ate CHICKEN FROM A BIN and still managed to sit her English exam.

Anyway, after flunking music, Sonia reportedly decides it’s a good idea to get Bex some private tuition from Walford High’s gorgeous Mr Pryce.

The only issue we have here is that we’re pretty sure Sonia is thinking of herself more than her daughter when she makes this arrangement.

Surely you’ve seen her awks attempts at flirting with their new neighbour? And does he even teach music??

Sonia can’t wait to get her hands on Gethin’s smalls (Credit: BBC)

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Eagle-eyed viewers have already called out the potential love triangle as both women were seen flirting with Mr Pryce, or GETHIN  as those close to him call him.

First up was Sonia, who accosted him in the Square while he was carting his dirty  washing around.

He ‘fessed there was no room in Jack Branning’s flat conversion for a washing machine, so he was looking for a launderette.

Since when has anyone in ‘Enders looked for a launderette since the mid-eighties? But irony being what it is means Dot’s washing emporium has closed down.

But Gethin needn’t worry, apparently Sonia is a dab hand with men’s dirty pants? No, we just can’t either.

She told Geth: “I could do it for you if you like? Trust me, when it comes to men’s smalls, I’m a dab hand.” Oh, the CRINGE.

Fans predict a love triangle (Credit: BBC)

Later on, Geth was seen running into his pupil/neighbour/potential stepdaughter, Bex. And while Sonia was flirty with him, he turned on the charm for his student.

He gushed over her, telling her she was amazing after Sonia revealed Bex was worried about the upcoming exam.

But with Bex not achieving an amazing result, and Sonia keen to spend more time with Mr Pryce and his smalls, this is clearly only going in one direction.

And considering Bex’s recent experience with her Auntie Michelle and her schoolboy lover, Preston, we’re not sure we’re liking this direction.

Gethin seems more interested in Bex than her mum (Credit: BBC)

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On the other hand, Mr Pryce is the fittest male on the Square at the moment, so we can’t really blame either of them for filling their boots.