Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany plots against Gary with a sneaky sabotage plan

She goes to drastic lengths

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Corrie’s Bethany Platt is out to cause trouble next week in a bid to keep her mum Sarah away from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Gary Windass.

Gary drunkenly cheated on Sarah last year with Nicola Rubinstein, resulting in Nic getting pregnant.

Bethany doesn’t want her mum to see Gary (Credit: ITV)

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Despite trying to hide it from Sarah, the truth came crashing out and the devastated bar worker dumped him.

But desperate Gary really wants to give things another go with Sarah – who has so far been resisting his attempts to reach out to her.

And, it turns out, Bethany is quite happy for things to stay that way.

Gary confronts Sarah about ignoring his text messages, but Sarah is baffled as she hasn’t received any from him.

The mystery is solved when Bethany admits she’s been deleting all of them because she thinks her mum is better off without the cheat in her life.

Bethany set a honey trap (Credit: ITV)

Later in the week, Sarah ignores Bethany’s advice and heads off to meet Gary in The Rovers, leaving her daughter furious.

Deciding to keep sabotaging the potential reconciliation, Bethany sends her new lap dancing mate, Sam, along to the pub as a honey trap.

Sarah arrives to find Sam draped all over Gary, will it lead to her heart being broken again?

Or will Bethany’s scheming be caught out?

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, said: “Bethany doesn’t think that Gary is worth anything anymore.

Will Sarah’s heart be broken again?

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“Her opinion of men has changed dramatically – she hates them anyway, but because Gary has cheated on her mum after everything that her mum has gone through, Bethany can’t understand why Sarah would take him back.”
She continued: “I think that Sarah should listen to Bethany because Gary cheated on her and got someone else pregnant

“That is really bad, so Sarah shouldn’t take him back after that, no excuse!”

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