Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany killed as Craig finds a body?

Her kidnap ordeal might have resulted in tragedy

Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt is kidnapped by Nathan Curtis’s accomplice Mel, and when Craig Tinker finds a body in the spot Bethany was taken to and attacked, has the teen been killed?

As Bethany bravely prepares to face her attackers, Nathan Curtis and Neil Clifton, in court, she has no idea more trauma is lying just around the corner for her.

When Mel kidnaps her, drives her to a railway track and threatens her with a tyre iron, Bethany desperately tries to get away.

She does manage to break free, but she heads straight into the path of an oncoming train.

New filming pictures have now turned up showing trainee policeman Craig discovering a body on the tracks and the cops cordoning off the area as an investigation is launched.

Has Bethany been sensationally killed off before she can give evidence? Or is the body Mel’s?

Is the woman who helped make Bethany’s life a misery hit by the train as she chases Bethany in a scene reminiscent of when Alan Bradley chased Rita all those years ago and was hit by a tram?

After everything brave Bethany has been through, she’s struggling to put her life back together after Nathan groomed her to be part of his sordid sex ring.

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She finally found the courage to escape him and speak out when he tried to sell her off to a ‘friend’ in Belgium as a sex slave.

Although she told the police everything about Nathan, corrupt copper Neil tried to threaten her family if she reported him too, leaving her too terrified to talk.

She eventually found the courage to tell best mate Craig Tinker, who recorded Neil admitting what he did on his phone and got him arrested alongside Nathan.

But one person who’s remained absent during all of this is Mel. Nathan’s accomplice/lover who worked with him at the salon hasn’t been seen recently, but it looks like she’s set to return to exact revenge on the girl who dobbed in the man Mel loves.

Mel was clearly besotted with Nathan and did everything he told her without question, but she really had no idea he was just using her too.

And it seems she still doesn’t as the next time we see her, she’s kidnapped Bethany.

Pictures from on location have shown Mel dragging Bethany out of the car by her hair, clearly hurting the terrified teen, and threatening her with a tyre iron.

Bethany desperately tries to fight her off and escape as a menacing looking Mel threatens her to drop the charges and let Nathan and Neil walk free – or else she’ll do even worse to her.

But is Mel scary enough to make Bethany back down when she’s already come so far?

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Whether Mel’s doing this off her own back or has been put up to it by Nathan remains to be seen, but it’s clear she’s well and truly still under Nathan’s spell and is prepared to do anything for him.

Corrie have previously promised the storyline will end well for Bethany so as to encourage other survivors of grooming to come forward.

As we slowly reach the climax of this plot we’re really hoping Bethany survives and Nathan and Neil get sent down for a long, long time.

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