Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany in danger as Mel returns

The Platts let danger into their home

Bethany Platt is in for a shock next week when a blast from the past turns up in the shape of Mel Maguire just ahead of Nathan Curtis’ trial.

Mel turns up on the street, saying she can’t testify in court after all, as she’s afraid for her life.

And while kind-hearted Bethany wants to help Mel, it soon becomes obvious to the viewers that Nathan’s former side-kick has ulterior motives.

Bethany’s world is rocked by a blast from the past (Credit: ITV)

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Bethany’s week starts off well enough when Audrey offers her an apprenticeship at the salon as a beautician.

The teen accepts the offer but soon becomes plagued with doubts that she’ll be able to do it.

Her family and BFF Craig Tinker are on hand to try to boost Bethany’s confidence and convince her that she’ll be fab.

But the apprenticeship soon turns out to be the least of her worries when Mel suddenly turns up on the street and drops her bombshell.

Audrey makes Bethany an offer (Credit: ITV)

Bethany tells mum Sarah that they need to look after Mel and get her onside because her word alone won’t be enough to send the evil sexual predator away.

Mel stays the night with the Platts but they don’t realise that she’s still being manipulated by Nathan and have just left themselves open to danger as she wants to sabotage Bethany’s testimony.

Will Mel be able to destroy fragile Bethany’s confidence so much that she is too afraid to go to court herself? Or will she find the strength to stand up to Mel?

Whatever happens at the trial, we know it’s going to be explosive and will lead to the permanent departure of Chris Harper who plays nasty Nathan.

Craig helps to boost Bethany’s confident (Credit: ITV)

Corrie producer, Kate Oates, has spoken out about the upcoming trial – and teased that Nathan might escape justice.

Speaking at a recent press day, she said: “We’re going to see if Bethany makes it to court.

“It’s a huge deal for a girl her age and position to face not one but several perpetrators and barristers.

“And we still have Mel to consider.

“Nathan has a little friend in Mel, who has had her brain well and truly washed by him and she is very much on the outside and very keen for her to not get to court.

“The question is – will Nathan ever face justice?”

What will Nathan’s punishment be? (Credit: ITV)

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Obviously he has to. But will that justice be behind bars? Or will he get his comeuppance in some other, more grisly way?