Emmerdale SPOILER: Baby bombshell for Chas?

We weren't expecting that - and nor was she!

Chas Dingle gets a shock this week when she discovers she could be pregnant with Paddy’s baby!

The mouthy mum is in for a surprise when she sprains her ankle and goes to get it checked out at the GP. While she’s there, the doctor mentions she’s missed an appointment for her contraceptive injection.

In a sneaky spoiler video shared by The Sun, Chas is being examined by the doctor when he drops the bombshell that she’s run out of contraception.

Chas gets a shock at the GP (Credit: ITV)

“I’m still covered, aren’t I?” Chas says. “That stuff stays in your system?”

“You have been using other contraception?” asks the doc.

But Chas says: “Not really. No.”


Tut tut, Chas! You’re definitely old enough to know better!

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With a very real chance she could be hearing the patter of tiny feet, Chas looks horrified as she processes the news.

Is Chas expecting? (Credit: ITV)

If she is pregnant, it would be her second child – she’s already mum to grown-up Aaron. And though Paddy’s a devoted stepdad to little Leo, it would be his first child.

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But would news of a pregnancy please Chas and Paddy? Because by the look of Chas’s face in these pics, she does NOT look over the moon at the prospect of going back to nappies and sleepless nights.

Are the couple going to be parents? (Credit: ITV)

If it turns out Ms Dingle is expecting Baby Kirk, how will the couple react?

Will it bring them closer together – or will it drive them apart?

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