Emmerdale SPOILER: as Emma and Moira fight in the blazing barn, who will survive?

It's an explosive week in the Dales, as a fiery blaze and a shooting leaves at least one character dead

It’s an explosive week in Emmerdale, which will change things forever for several of the villagers.

After last week’s revelations – her fight with Gabby and the truth coming out about Ashley and James – Emma Barton is a woman on the edge.

She heads to the Bartons’ farm to confront Moira about her affair with James and finds her in the barn.

With Emma clearly blaming her for his death and totally unhinged, Moira is careful how she answers her questions.

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But no matter what she says, Emma (Gillian Kearney) doesn’t believe Moira (Natalie J Robb) and the two women soon come to blows.

There’s a fight with a pitchfork, then when a light gets knocked out accidentally the barn starts to go up in flames.

As things collapse around her, Moira is trapped and only Emma is there to help her.

As Moira begs her for help, Emma has to decide whether to come to the rescue of her nemesis or leave her there to die.

Meanwhile, Adam and Victoria see the flames and come running to the barn, just before a huge explosion.

Will they get caught up in the fire? And is there even more drama to come?

We know that death is visiting the Dales this week, with at least one character meeting their maker. So who will survive?

The fiery fight was certainly a tough scene to film, as Natalie J Robb explained.

The actress said she’d struggled to sleep after the drama of being trapped in the flaming barn.

“When the blast went off, we felt a real surge from it and it was boiling,” she told The Sunday People.

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“Afterwards the adrenaline was rushing though us, we were buzzing.

“I was wired up every night when I got home.”

Emmerdale continues tomorrow night on ITV at 7pm.