Corrie’s Eva blames herself for Aidan’s death

But Eva's hopes of a reunion are soon shattered

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Eva Price hopes for a reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend and father of the baby she’s just handed over to Toyah Battersby when Aidan Connor pays her a visit at her secret cottage next week.

He’s spent the evening at dad Johnny and step-mum Jenny’s leaving do in the Rovers as they plan to start a new life in Spain.

Aidan watches as Susie is passed around (Credit: ITV)

With the party is full-swing, Toyah watches happily as baby Susie gets passed around and admired by everyone in the pub.

But when Sally goes to hand her to Aidan, a panicked Toyah swoops in to grab her daughter.

As she reaches for the baby she locks eyes with Aidan but while Toyah quickly looks away, Aidan continues to stare at the little girl.

Has he pieced everything together and realised that baby Susie is his own daughter?

He finally has a chance to hold the baby, trying to make sense of everything.

Eva is shocked when Aidan turns up (Credit: ITV)

Later, Eva is on the phone to Toyah when she hears a knock at the door and is amazed to find Aidan standing there.

She’s stunned to see him as he explains he found her address in Toyah’s handbag at Johnny and Jenny’s leaving do.

Aidan then apologises to Eva for how he spoke to her when she came to the factory and told him she was pregnant.

A confused Eva is wondering what he knows when Aidan brings up the subject of baby Susie, causing her to burst into tears, telling him she’s sorry for not telling him the truth sooner.

Eva believes she can see Aidan in Susie (Credit: ITV)

When Aidan leaves, she’s surprised to see he’s left her engagement ring and convinces herself it’s a sign that he wants to try again and be a family with their baby.

During a video call with Toyah, she tells her about his visit and confides in her that she thinks he wants to get back together.

After their call, Toyah decides she needs to go and have a word with Aidan.

Eva’s heart is left completely broken the next day when she hears the devastating news that Aidan has taken his own life.

She heads back to Weatherfield, pretending she’s come back from America and spends a lot of time cuddling her baby, telling Toyah she can definitely see Aidan in the little girl.

When a distraught Johnny calls in at the Rovers later, he quizzes the women about Aidan’s movements the night before, convinced that something happened that led Aidan to take such drastic action.

Johnny wants to know what happened the night Aidan died (Credit: ITV)

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Eva is awash with guilt. Will Aidan’s actions lead to heartbreak for Toyah too?

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