Coronation Street spoiler: Aidan “CRAZY” as he discovers Eva’s baby lie

Shayne Ward warns of truly heart-breaking scenes ahead...

Coronation Street viewers have been excitedly waiting for a week of drama with the much-anticipated arrival of Eva Price and Aidan Connor’s wedding, kicking off tomorrow.

Viewers have been watching Eva play out her revenge after discovering Aidan’s year-long affair with Maria.

But Eva’s plans are skewed when Aidan decides to come clean about what he’s done.

Shayne Ward who plays Aidan Connor. (Credit: ITV)

The pair have a heart-to-heart and make a decision to go ahead with the wedding.

However, everything spirals once again when Maria crashes the wedding ceremony, with yet more revelations for the threesome, with one life-changing revelation for Aidan – that Eva is not actually pregnant.

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Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan Connor on the show, talked to the Metro about the explosive reactions to the news.

He said: “When Aidan finds out… crazy.

Drama at the wedding? (Credit: ITV)

“When the truth about there being no baby comes out, it’s crazy. Anyone’s reaction to that would be heartbreaking,” he continued.

“That there was no baby, that she was lying and she was doing all of this to get back at him for having an affair.

“It’s quite harsh isn’t it? I think anyone’s reaction to it would be heartbreaking.”

Will they? Won’t they? Credit: ITV

Viewers have watched Eva, played by actress Catherine Tyldesley, plot out her revenge on Aidan and Maria, including playing jokes on Maria at her hen do during Friday night’s episode.

Fans may well be left wondering if there could now be a future for Aidan and Maria.

When Aidan initially ended their relationship, it was because he was going to be a dad and wanted to do the right thing.

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“[Maria] knew that she couldn’t compete, because he was always going to go back.” Shayne said.

What does the future hold for Aidan and Maria? (Credit: ITV)

Tune into Coronation Street on ITV from Monday September at 7.30pm to watch the drama unfold.

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