Hollyoaks SPOILER: a familiar face arrives in the village tonight

Talk about a blast from the past

Hollyoaks has been enjoying quite a bit of nostalgia recently with the returns of several old favourites including Luke Morgan and Mandy Richardson.

And tonight sees the return of another ghost of Hollyoaks past as Rory Finnegan, aka Finn, aka actor James Redmond, arrives in the village.

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James with the Hollyoaks gang (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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James was a regular in the soap from 1997 – 2002, and has made a couple of guest appearances since then.

Finn returns and heads to The Loft in tonight’s First Look episode on E4 for Tony Hutchinson’s Come As You Were themed party, which gives a lovely little nod to the 90s (and its fashion.)

The character returns to try to help Diane (Alexandra Fletcher) get through to Tony, but the party is thrown into chaos when Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) makes a move on Tony and Diane retaliates by jumping on Finn.

Not that we’d blame her.

James loved being back on set so much, he even admitted that he’d like to return to the village permanently. Which would certainly please some Hollyoaks fans of a certain age.

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Finn returns for Tony’s 90s party (Credit: Lime Pictures)

He told “They haven’t offered me that, but it’s a job that I love and I love coming back to it. It’s like a big friendly family here.”

He added: “It’s more interesting when you’ve got history there. Finn and Luke have got history, Finn and Tony have, there’s also Finn and Darren, Finn and Cindy. Also, you’ve worked with them before, so you find your way in much quicker.”

James – who has signed up for more episodes – went on to say that he doesn’t know what’s in store for Finn in the future as he hasn’t seen the scripts yet.

But he did tease that Finn will have some dealings with the mysterious Milo Entwhistle who recently arrived in the village, along with a dark, dark secret about his past.

It was announced back in October that James would be reprising his role as Finn after 15 years away from the village.

Hollyoaks producer Bryan Kirkwood explained the decision, telling Digital Spy: “We are so thrilled with where we are at the moment, with celebrating our heritage and bringing back legacy characters.

“We’ll be seeing a bit of James Redmond over Christmas and New Year. [He] will be coming and going as the much-loved Finn.”

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Diane makes a move on Finn (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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James was pretty vocal about his comeback as well, taking to Twitter.

He wrote: “Any Hollyoaks fans remember this guy? No? Ask your mum… okay your gran. Finn is back for Xmas!”


Hollyoaks First Look is on E4 tonight at 7pm

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