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EastEnders to split up favourite couple over baby confession

The pair are going through a tough time

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Emotions are running high in Albert Square at the moment and after a week of tragedy we don’t know how much more we can take.

But we might have to deal with more heartbreak, as EastEnders looks set to break up one of the show’s favourite couples. Noooo!

Martin and Stacey Fowler’s relationship is on the rocks as it is, what with him being in prison and unable to be there for his wife.

Martin is in prison at the moment (Credit: BBC)

But in upcoming episodes the two come to blows and it all looks serious – this could be the end of Macey (Startin doesn’t have a ring to it).

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The pair end up arguing after Stacey overhears him confiding in Michelle that he’s not sure whether it was such a good idea to have another baby.

Of course to a heavily pregnant woman aka his wife this is upsetting to hear and she can’t bear to be around him.

Poor old Martin tries his best to make things up to Stacey but he drops another clanger when he asks Kush if he can help out with some medical equipment for Arthur, which is quite expensive.

Stacey gets the wrong end of the stick and accuses Martin of not even wanting another baby – and tells him to leave.

Martin and Stacey’s marriage could fall apart (Credit: BBC)

If that wasn’t enough, Martin becomes worried about Stacey’s mental health as her bi-polar disorder shows signs of coming back.

He catches Stacey physically dragging Carmel out of her house, accusing her of interfering with bringing up Lily.

Stacey also lashes out at Whitney and people close to her start to question if she’s okay, but will anyone actually help her?

During one episode she is seen going into a full blown panic and becomes convinced that her kids have gone missing.

Things get even worse for Stacey when she gets the news she’s been fearing about Arthur – he’s at high risk of being diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome.

Everyone’s worried about baby Arthur as he could have Brugada Syndrome (Credit: BBC)

After his biological dad Kush was diagnosed with the fatal heart condition last week he went to Stacey to tell her to get Arthur tested, as it is hereditary.

More worried than ever, Martin tries to get through to his wife, but as things spiral out of control could it really be the end for the couple?

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We hope not! Viewers have had to deal with a lot of drama within the last couple of weeks as Steven tried to kill Jane in a fire (she’s still in hospital), he subsequently died leaving recovering alcoholic Lauren devastated and going back to the booze.

Plus, Kush’s life was hanging in the balance when he suffered a cardiac arrest, Johnny also came close to death when he was shot in the chest by Ted, and Mick and Linda’s marriage is in tatters.

Wowzers that’s a lot of drama even for EastEnders!

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