Spencer Matthews and wife Vogue Williams open up about 'fat maggot' baby Gigi

Spencer Matthews and wife Vogue Williams reveal baby Gigi’s nickname is ‘fat maggot’

They expect "plump" one-year-old to become a 'butterfly"

Spencer Matthews and wife Vogue Williams have revealed a rather unusual nickname for their baby daughter Gigi.

The reality TV couple told podcast listeners they came up with the term of endearment when Gigi started to crawl.

And although it might sound somewhat harsh to others, the pair – married for three years – still cooed over their one-year-old.

Vogue Williams laughs and Spencer Matthews looks shocked
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are parents to two kids – including baby Gigi (Credit: E4 YouTube)

What do Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams call baby Gigi?

Former Made in Chelsea cast member Spencer proudly told how Gigi is known as “fat maggot”.

Vogue, 35, reflected during the latest episode of their podcast Spencer and Vogue: “She is just so cute.”

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Agreeing, Spencer then dropped the unlikely tidbit of insight into their family life.

He said: “I know. Every parent loves their plump little fat daughter. We call ours the fat maggot.”

But why “fat maggot”?

Apparently, it is a reference to how Gigi moves herself around – and also enjoys scoffing.

Spencer continued: “And she’s so sweet, she crawls around like a little maggot consuming anything she can get her hands on.”

However, Gigi’s dad did at least extend the comparison to highlight how she will continue to blossom. At least we hope that’s what he meant.

Spencer explained: “Becoming plumper, and rounder… until one day – even though she’s not a caterpillar – she’ll turn into a beautiful maggot fly. A butterfly.”

Gigi’s ‘other nickname’

It isn’t the first time Spencer has compared his youngest child to a creature.

She crawls around like a little maggot.

The dad-of-two wrote on Instagram last October as he shared a snap of Gigi: “Happy little pup.”

However, according to Vogue, Gigi wasn’t originally supposed to be the little one’s actual name.

Gigi Matthews made her TV debut on Loose Women
Baby Gigi Matthews – who has an older brother, Theodore – made her TV debut on Loose Women in August 2020 (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

What did Spencer want to call Gigi?

Speaking to RTE, Vogue admitted last year it had been tough coming up with the right name for their daughter.

Vogue joked she and Spencer didn’t originally agree on what Gigi should be called – but they came to a compromise.

“Her full name is Gigi Margaux Matthews,” Vogue said last October.

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“Margaux was Spenny’s first choice I think. That got vetoed by me.

“I had a different one and then we both actually changed to Gigi and we just absolutely loved it. I think it is a really nice name.

“It is a name that I would like for myself so I thought that would be good enough for Gigi.

“Spenny is fluent in French so [the spelling] is a little French twist.”

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