Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams have some big news about their relationship

Does this mean she has tamed the former Made In Chelsea love cad?

It just goes to show that leopard really can change its spots.

Once upon a time Spencer Matthews was a cheeky lothario who prowled the streets of Chelsea seeking lust.

Even when he was attached, he would, on Made In Chelsea at least, supposedly do the dirty, unable to contain his lustful urges.

But somehow the great British public loved him in spite of his shenanigans.

Was it the real him or was he merely playing a naughty character on a reality show for storylines?

Well, we’re pleased to see that he has finally seemed to settle down and is enjoying a proper grown up relationship.

And what’s more… he’s taken it to the next level by moving her in to his flash pad.

Spencer and Vogue have been dating since they met on The Jump (credit: Instagram)

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As you’ll know, Spencer and girlfriend Vogue Williams hooked up back in January when they both appeared on The Jump.

At the time many thought the relationship would fizzle out once the show came to an end.

But against all odds, the pair actually went from strength to strength.

And now seven months on, Irish telly presenter Vogue and her dog Winston have decided to move in to Spencer’s West London flat.

“Spencer and Vogue are smitten,” a source has told the Sun.

“They feel more than ready to take the relationship to the next level.”

But does this gesture mean the relationship could lead to marriage?

People thought their relationship would fizzle out after The Jump, but against the odds they went from strength to strength (Credit: Instagram)

Well, let’s not jump the gun.

In the past several ex girlfriends such as Stephanie Pratt, Lauren Hutton and Funda Oval, have shacked up with him but broke up shortly afterwards.

So this is a big test for Vogue.

But we reckon she might be the foxy lady to change his pattern.

She seems smitten although admits that they find it hard to see each other all the time due to work commitments.

“I’m away quite a lot so he’s good enough to come and follow me at the end of my shows and we get a few days together,” she told an Irish newspaper recently. ”

“We’re very busy but we do see each other as much as we can, which is nice.”

Vogue is moving into Spencer’s west London pad (Credit: Instagram)

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“He’s been working hard, but it’s nice to have him back now – he’s always really busy but that’s just the nature of what we do,” she said.

Since they went public with their relationship, the press have scrutinised them but Vogue says she’s unfazed by it all.

“It’s fine, we get our private time so it’s not something I really notice anymore,” she said.

“You can put yourself out there as much or as little as you want so we’re quite careful about that as well,” she added.