Speculation EastEnders has lined up another shock death next week

After the gas explosion claims a life, someone else could be departing a week later

EastEnders likes to shock us at the moment, and after this week’s gas explosion leaves one resident dead, another is left fighting for their life next week.

Kush Kazemi will suffer a heart attack and be taken to hospital. But will he recover?

He’s made it out of the gas explosion in one piece and as next week begins the market trader decides it’s time to take his relationship with Denise up a gear.

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Suggesting they take things to the next level, Kush asks his lover to move in with him. But she immediately shuts down his idea and says no.

Her decision results in a huge argument, which leads to Kush storming off.

Out in the market though, he bumps into Sonia Fowler and Denise’s sister Kim Fox-Hubbard and it soon becomes clear to them that something isn’t right with him.

Before they can do anything, Kush suddenly collapses and has a cardiac arrest.

Nurse Sonia immediately leaps into action and gives him CPR while they wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Kush is then rushed to hospital and his family drop everything to be by his side.

With mum Carmel, her boyfriend Max Branning and Kush’s brother Shakil by his side, a guilty Denise struggles with her emotions as she watches her boyfriend fighting for his life just hours after she rejected him.

Dee is terrified their argument caused his heart attack – has the stress he’s caused brought this on? Or did he have an underlying heart condition in the first place?

Can he pull through this?

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“It’s not looking good for him,” an EastEnders’ insider has told Inside Soap. “Even if Kush pulls through there’s no guarantee he’s going to make a full recovery.”

With actor Davood Ghadami signed up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, if Kush dies, it would certainly free his time up to learn all those moves…

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