Holly Willoughby sparks huge ‘family’ debate with Instagram post


Holly Willoughby surprised fans on Boxing Day by revealing she’s related to soap royalty; the This Morning presenter shared a lovely snap of her posing with EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite and an older lady.

The three blondes beamed for the camera, evidently enjoying some festive celebrations.

But many of Holly’s Instagram followers were more surprised by the accompanying caption.

The mum of three wrote: “Me and [Tamzin] with our Nonna Matriarch. In true EastEnders style: family! FYI: [Tamzin] is my cousin.”

But Holly’s innocent comment has managed to spark a sharp debate because… wait for it… Tamzin is actually a blood relative of Hol’s hubby Dan Baldwin.

So, apparently, she can’t be classed as Holly’s cousin – so say some…

“Tamzin is Dan’s (Holly’s husbands) cousin not Holly’s. Confused AF but whatever,” wrote one follower.

Another said: “I couldn’t care less but why pretend she’s her cousin when she’s not? Weird!”

But another shot back: “Does it matter? I call my cousin’s children my niece and nephew, just easier than second cousin however many times removed! I’m sure it’s the same for her.”

And someone else waded in with support: “I’m just saying even though she’s Dan’s cousin she’s still related even if not by blood.”

Tamzin clearly agrees with Holly’s embracing attitude.

“She’s family now she’s married my cousin Dan Baldwin,” 46-year-old Tamzin told The Mirror.

Tamzin shared a similar snap and explained that she had been spending Boxing Day at the Baldwins’ – and that their lovely companion, Nanny Lina, is 87.

Whatever you stand point on it, let’s just congratulate all three ladies on how incredible they look! Good genes attract good genes!

Tamzin, who is soon making her way back to Walford, also posted an hilarious snap of her alone a couple of hours later.

With her pony tail dangling over her face, it appeared the festivities were starting to take their toll. (She still managed to look gorgeous, though!)

Bring on January!

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