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EastEnders: Sonia and Martin back together?

But does Martin feel the same?

When Martin Fowler hurts his back leaping to the defence of current (but estranged) wife Stacey, his ex-wife Sonia enjoys playing nurse maid to him.

Sonia enjoys playing nurse to Martin (Credit: BBC)

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Their teenage daughter Bex notices the flirty playfulness between her parents and takes the opportunity to reminisce  about happy times when they were a family.

But she’s left feeling shocked when Sonia quickly leaps in and tells her there’s nothing between her and Martin anymore. Could she be protesting a bit too much though? It certainly looks like she’s beginning to see her ex in a new light.

Bex gives her mum a glam makeover (Credit: BBC)

Later in the week she goes along with him to a doctor’s appointment and when they get home Sonia starts fondly remembering the happy times they had.

Martin falls asleep and Sonia kisses him, telling him that she loved him once.

When Ian plans a surprise birthday party for Kathy, Bex gives Sonia a glam makeover and suggests to Martin that he takes her to the party.

Someone playing Cupid Bex?

At the party, Sonia revels in Martin’s attention but things take a nasty turn when the Slaters, including Stacey, arrive.

Stacey and Sonia end up having a slanging match at the party (Credit: BBC)

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Realising she’s losing Martin’s attention to Stacey, Sonia comes up with a cunning plan to get her love rival out of the way.

Stacey is no fool though and it’s not long before she realises what’s going on and she confronts Sonia.

The women end up having a huge slanging match – with Kat and Mo jumping in to defend Stacey.

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