Piers Morgan’s son posts embarrassing clip of presenter dad dancing

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We love the relationship between Piers Morgan and his son Spencer.

They both seem to have a wicked antagonistic sense of humour that we just love.

Remember when Piers was embroiled in an online row with JK Rowling a while back and Harry-Potter-loving Spencer posted a pic of his Potter tattoo with the caption “Awkward”? We laughed like drains.

Piers and his sons are on their hols in Antigua (Credit: Instagram)

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But it’s clear that he and Spencer and have a great jokey bond as loving fathers and sons do.

And it looked like it was stronger than ever this week.

For the last few weeks Piers has been on holiday in Antigua with his sons Spencer, Stanley and Albert – and it seems they were having a whale of a time.

In fact, Piers clearly felt so relaxed in the sunshine that he decided to let his hair down.

And then some!

Piers let his hair down to have a bit of a dance (Credit: Instagram)

Almost as if no one was around, the serious journalist and telly frontman proceeded to indulge in some dancing.

Not just dancing, but what can only be described as ‘dad dancing’.

With pom poms.

Let’s hope Charlotte Hawkins is watching – she can pic up some dance tips for Strictly (Credit: Instagram)

Lost in his dance moves he clearly didn’t realise his pesky son was cheekily filming every second.

More embarrassingly Spencer then posted it online with the caption “It’s official. @piersmorgan has lost it.”

The clip caught the eye of Lord Alan Sugar, who normally takes great pleasure in poking fun at Piers, who retweeted it saying: “BREAKING NEWS @piersmorgan to join strictlycome dancing. Secretly filmed rehearsing”.

Really cute throwback pic of Piers and his sons (Credit: Instagram)

Piers has been away from the Good Morning Britain couch a for a couple of weeks.

On his last day before his hols he joshed: “Look at this face, happy face. I’m never getting out of bed at 3.45 ever again. Never again.”

While he’s been away Eamonn Holmes, Richard Madeley and Jeremy Kyle have stood in for him.

Some have gone down well with viewers (the first two) while another hasn’t but the overwhelming viewer feeling is Piers is missed!

Chips off the old black – Piers’ sons soak up the sun (Credit: Instagram)

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But fear not, the wicked Piers will be back where he belongs in September.


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