Son of Rachel Nickell recalls witnessing her murder as a toddler

Alex Nickell spoke about his story on This Morning

Alex Nickell appeared on This Morning to talk to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about the horrific day his mum was murdered right in front of him.

Some 25 years ago Rachel Nickell was stabbed to death on Wimbledon Common and Alex, then aged two, was the only witness to the attack despite.

Alex joined the hosts on the show to talk about the heartbreaking day.

Alex Nickell was on the show speaking to Holly and Phil (Credit: ITV)

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He explained that the day started off as any other day and he and his mum went out to Wimbeldon Common.

And although he was so young Alex revealed he still had memories from the traumatic day.

He told the hosts: “My mother and I both sensed there was something in the air, so we both turned our heads to the right and saw a stranger lurching towards us with a black bag over his shoulder.

“Everything happened in a matter of seconds very quickly. I was grabbed and thrown to the floor with my face covered in mud and a few seconds later she fell beside me.”

Rachel Nickell was murdered 25 years ago (Credit: ITV)

He added: “The thing that has really stayed with me is reaching out to my mother for her to get up and realising she’d gone and was never coming back.”

Alex went on to explain he was then taken to the hospital and saw his father who was completely distraught over what had happened.

Alex revealed he still has memories of the awful day (Credit: ITV)

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But Alex revealed that his father was “considering what method he was going to use to end both our lives” because he believed the young tot wouldn’t be able to live without his mother.

He said: “I told him I wanted to wake up. If I gave him a different answer my life would have been very different.”

Holly, who was shocked at the emotional story, said: “You seem to have dealt with it extraordinarily well.”

Alex said: “I think its a journey. My story is moving from darkness to light.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a light we found within ourselves.”

Alex revealed his dad considered ending both of their lives (Credit: ITV)

Host Phil, 55, said: “You have no anger there either?”

Alex then added: “Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes were made that day.”

When asked about how he felt towards his mum’s murderer, Alex admitted: “As an adult I am able to take a step back.

“There were 500 people on that common that day but me and my mother were the ones who were affected.”

Holly was shocked at Alex’s traumatic story (Credit: ITV)

Fans expressed their admiration for Alex on Twitter as one wrote: “He seems a very calm young man but it must have been so traumatic for him growing up. Full respect to him and his father. #ThisMorning.”

Another added: “#ThisMorning Rachel Nickell would be so very proud of her son, what an amazing guy and inspiration to others.”

A third tweeted: “What a amazing human being this young man is #ThisMorning.

“What a strong man, I’m sure his mother would be so proud of him. #ThisMorning,” a fourth said.