Someone’s going to die in EastEnders this Christmas!

The shock death has been officially confirmed - but who's it going to be?

There’s going to be a shock death in Albert Square this Christmas, EastEnders bosses have confirmed – but who’s going to be breathing their last this festive season?

We’ve already seen a demented Max try to strangle Ian Beale with fairy lights as part of his revenge – could Ian Beale be for the chop?

Ian can’t leave EastEnders … can he? (Credit: BBC)

Or with Abi and Lauren Branning both leaving the soap, maybe it’s one of them who dies this Christmas?

Things aren’t looking good for the Branning sisters (Credit: BBC)

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Or even their dad, Max. He’s sunk so low it’s hard to see where he can go from here – perhaps his time in the Square is up?

Could Max’s time be up? (Credit: BBC)

Perhaps it’s one of the Weyland & Co lot – not sure anyone would miss Willmott-Brown or his scheming children Fi and Luke.

Could Fi or her dad be in trouble? (Credit: BBC)

And then of course, there’s Mick Carter, who’s got himself mixed up with criminal Aidan Maguire and his planned heist.

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With guns involved, there could easily be some sort of shooting – accidental or deliberate – which could leave Mick, or his partners in crime Phil Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard, fighting for life.

Will Mick live to regret getting mixed up with Aidan Maguire? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders boss John Yorke confirmed the death at a Christmas press event.

“It was pretty cheesey but as Mick and Linda were about to renew their wedding vows, I came up with this line: ‘Someone old, someone new, someone’s dead and someone’s blue.’

“Marketing quite rightly raised their eyebrows! But in my head the gist of that promise holds true,” said John.

And speaking of what’s happening into 2018, he carried on: “Someone old – Mel, Big Mo, Jean, Kat and Masood. Someone new – Hunter Owen, the Ahmed family, and a new Slater. Someone’s dead – one person. And almost everyone else, as this is EastEnders, is in various shades of blue!”

We can’t wait!

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