Coronation Street solve major plot hole with new behind-the-scenes video

Fans had been wondering...

Ever since we discovered Corrie’s Andy Carver was still alive (we’re still reeling from that massive shock) and was being held hostage by Pat Phelan, we’ve had more than a few questions.

As information about exactly what has been going on for the nine months (yes, NINE MONTHS) that Andy has been away has been drip fed to us over the last few weeks, there were still one or two more, ahem, practical matters we were unclear on.

Andy Carver, Coronation Street (Instagram)
Andy’s been a hostage for months – but what facilities has he been using? (Credit: Instagram)

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Finally Corrie have answered that all important question with a new video posted to their Twitter feed.

Fans have been very concerned as to exactly where Andy’s been going to the toilet during his time in captivity.

Well, they’ve got a point – surely he can’t have held it for nine months?

Thankfully, we now know the answer as actor Oliver Farnworth has given us a tour of his delightful new living quarters.

It would seem Pat isn’tĀ allĀ bad as he’s provided Andy with a toilet, a sinkĀ andĀ a washing machine – better than some landlords provide we reckon!

But despite the fact he has basic facilities, Andy is still in grave danger – quite literally as Phelan has actually dug his grave.

With Andy whinging about his infected arm, Pat is feeling the pressure and thinks he has no choice but to kill his hostage so he can move forward.

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Will Eileen realise what Pat’s actually capable of? (Credit: ITV)

But next week, Eileen is set to come to the house after growing suspicious of her husband.

As she makes her way down to the cellar, what scene will greet her?

Is Phelan close to getting found out?

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