Solomon promise! Joe Swash has proposed to Stacey…

The woman from Essex... she says 'Yes!'

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Celebrity Juice viewers got a treat last night, as Joe Swash was seen proposing to girlfriend Stacey Solomon.

But before you all get your Cilla on and run out to buy a new hat, let’s set the scene.

Talking about the former EastEnder, who was appearing on the show, quiz host Keith Lemon said to fellow guest Stacey: “I think he wants to get you a ring.”

Joe Swash

Joe protested: “I didn’t say that! I’m not against it, I’m just saying,” while Keith piled on the pressure with: “It would be great if he did on the show, here.”

The harassed contestant, who has been in the relationship less than a year, continued: “It’s all in good time, I don’t know why everyone wants to rush!”

But the temptation to win the show proved too much for Joe when Keith brought out a ring box and said: “I’ll give you this and if you propose to Stacey on the show, I’ll give you a point for your team.”

Celebrity Juice

In the final moments of the competition, a desperate Joe turned to his girlfriend with the box and said: “Will you marry me for this point? Say yes, please!”

Former X Factor contestant Stacey agreed to the spoof proposal, but it doesn’t seem a million miles away from reality as Joe has previously told The Xtra Factor that he plans to ask her to marry him “at some point”.

Stacey Solomon

And in a recent OK! magazine interview, when asked if marriage was on the cards, Stacey replied: “I don’t know, ask him, see what he says! I want to come across cool, you know what I mean?

“I can’t give the game away. We’re all girls. We know how it works!”

Oh, just get on with it, guys. Make the world a little happier!

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