Soap fans devastated as Coronation Street is cancelled

Corrie lovers will be treated to three hours of footie instead

There’s nothing better than getting home from work, having a nice cuppa and putting your favourite programme Coronation Street on the telly.

But viewers will be disappointed to find the football instead of their beloved soap.

ITV bosses have chosen to cancel Corrie.

You will be treated to a three hour special of the football instead.

Yep, you read that right!

The England vs Scotland World Cup qualifier will be airing at 7.15 pm and Corrie usually starts at 7.30 or 8pm.

But don’t fear soap fans, Emmerdale will still be on this evening but at an earlier time of 6.45.


This comes as a Corrie star started a soap war when he admitted he prefers Emmerdale.

He’s a bit brave, or stupid!

Returning to an old job after a long absence, you’d imagine Sam Robertson would be keen to make a great impression.

But the Coronation Street actor has managed to ruffle a few feathers before his reappearance in Weatherfield even airs – by admitting he likes EMMERDALE better.

The Scottish star, who played the brooding lad from 2004 to 2007, made the confession in an interview with Metro.

“I watched all the soaps back and I said to my mum: ‘I think Emmerdale‘s a bit better than Corrie at the moment,” he reportedly said.

“I thought Emmerdale was fantastic when I watched it and I thought Corrie was a bit lacklustre.

“I was a bit concerned about the direction it was going in, so when I heard that Kate [Oaten, former boss at Emmerdale] was coming in and it was her going to be editing, I was more excited about the prospect of coming back.”