So THIS is the real reason Mrs Brown’s Boys star quit

Yesterday the actor said he wouldn't reveal why

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Yesterday, fans of Mrs Brown’s Boys were in shock when we reported that Rory Cowan had suddenly quit the show.

In an interview with the Irish Daily Mail he said he hadn’t been happy working for the Mrs Brown’s Boys company for “the last 18 months to two years”.

However, he refused to reveal why he had been so unhappy.

Until now.

In a new interview he has revealed that there was no bust up with show creator and Mrs Brown herself, Brendan O’Carroll.

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“I got tired of it, I haven’t been happy for the last two years working there,” he told The Mirror.

“There was no row with Brendan, there was no dispute over money or anything – in fact quite the opposite.

“I got so well paid it enabled me to be able to leave, I didn’t need to stay.” He added the touring was becoming monotonous and it felt like a “chore”.

Rory went onto say that he’d merely got bored of having to do “the exact same arenas in the exact same order we did two years ago” and admitted “it’s not exhausting, it’s just boring”.

Rory has explained that he found life on the road “boring” (Credit: BBC)

He added: “It was starting to become a phobia for me, I was beginning to dread it, so I decided it was time to go.”

Rory handed in his notice last month but made his last appearance on Sunday night at a show at the O2.

Rory said: “Brendan announced at the end of the show, ‘Give a round of applause to Rory, it’s his last show’.

“I think they thought it was a joke at first but then they realised it wasn’t.

“There was loads of aahs and people saying ‘don’t go’ but my mind was made up.”

Rory has worked with Mrs Brown’s Boys for 26 years (credit: BBC)

Rory who plays Mrs Brown’s son Rory in the show, has been part of the team for almost 30 years and says he felt that the time was finally right t o move on.

In that time he has seen the comedy team go from strength to strength.

“I started to work with Brendan 26 years ago as his publicist when he was playing pubs,” he recalls.

“To go from pubs and hoping you’d get 100 people in, to playing arenas with 10,000 people a night and everything
in between that we’ve done, it’s been fabulous.

“It can’t get any bigger now and just knowing what you were going to be doing, it was starting to get a bit like the civil service.”

Rory now wants to have a radio show (credit: BBC)

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Rory says he is planning to have a ret of the rest of the year and would like to have his own weekend radio show.

“The one thing I’ve never done and I’ve always wanted to do it. Not having guests on or interviewing people because I’m not interested in anybody to be interviewing them – I’d just like to play the music I like, the 60s right up until now.

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