So it turns out that one of Ant and Dec earns more than the other…

Don't feel sorry for them - they are averaging over £70,000 per day!

We all know celebrities are overpaid – any many of them would probably agree, while secretly feeling very lucky to be them.

And we often read stories about the cream of TV presenters signing million-pound deals in exchange for their loyalty to a channel.

Is Ant rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of payday? (Credit: ITV)

But still it comes as a shock to find out just how much money they are pocketing for essentially doing a bit of chatting.

The Sun has revealed that Ant and Dec – arguably at the very top of their game on British TV – are taking home a whopping £79,000.

We’re now typing this through tears.

£79,000. A DAY. That’s way more than most of us would even dream about earning in a whole year.

These two don’t get out of bed for less than £79k a day… (Credit: FameFlynet)

In fact, it’s basically three times what the average Brit does earn in a year.

Put another way, it’s £2.5million a month.

No wonder they look so blinkin’ happy all the time.

The figures have been made public through Companies House.

As well as their contract with ITV, their income is made up of commercial deals and archive royalties.

Due to some separate business dealings. Dec actually earned more than his buddy in the year up to June 2016 – by £100,000.

Small beer to them, really.

Well, we suppose if these swollen pay packets have to go to famous faces, it may as well be these two who genuinely don’t see themselves as worth more than the rest of us just…

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