Jeremy Kyle was SNOGGED by a giant hedgehog on GMB today and it was everything

More madness on the breakfast show

The traditional way to wake yourself up in the morning is with a nice cup of coffee, followed by a refreshing shower.

But evidently, the producers of Good Morning Britain think that’s boring, as they keep coming up with more and more bonkers ways to wake us from our slumber.

Yesterday, we saw Richard Arnold screaming in fear as he tried out a virtual-reality headset.

But that was nothing compared to the mayhem that erupted on the ITV show this morning.

When a hedgehog mascot walked onto the set at just gone 6am, we figured we must’ve still been dreaming.

But the appearance was more like a nightmare for Jeremy Kyle as the furry figure launched itself at him for a snog!

You could argue that the 52-year-old host had it coming, as he’d been goading the ‘animal’ – first commenting on its deodorant, and then asking it why it hadn’t kissed his fellow presenter Kate Garraway.

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“Am I too prickly for a hedgehog, Jeremy?” Kate asked.

But obviously the mascot had no problem with prickles – after ‘weighing up’ which of the hosts it should kiss, it planted a smacker right on Jeremy’s lips.

There must be a certain je ne sais quoi about the controversial talk-show host that we’ve so far failed to recognise, because in another mind-boggling segment later in the show, it was Garraway who was paying the father-of-four some – ahem – attention.

On this occasion, the presenters were discussing how the Game Of Thrones designer uses fluffy bear rugs from IKEA to make the costumes the show’s hunky actor Jon Snow appears in.

And to somehow prove the point, Kyle was wrapped in one (of course he was).

We think Kate must’ve got lost in the moment, because she spent rather a long time stroking the rug, before purring: “I could pretend he’s Jon Snow.”

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The comment prompted Richard Arnold to look awkwardly at the camera and splutter: “OK, roleplay at ten to seven in the morning on Good Morning Britain – that’s a first.”

That may be so, but judging by what we’ve seen in the past few days, crazy moments like these certainly won’t be the last.

We think we need that shower!