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Jeremy Kyle slated for car crash interview with Hollywood star

The actress jokingly suggested the presenter and co-host Kate Garraway needed counselling

When she sat down with Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway on GMB Today this morning, Hollywood actress and author Isla Fisher thought she was going to be talking about her new children’s book, Marge In Charge.

But she clearly hadn’t reckoned with the force of nature that is the madcap presenting duo, and before long she found herself discussing, erm, sheep herding.

By the end of the chat, the Australian, 41, looked a bit shellshocked, telling the duo that they needed “counselling”.

And she wasn’t the only one who was miffed – viewers quickly took to social media to vent their annoyance at the interview.

Credit: ITV
Isla looked bemused as the conversation took a detour (Credit: ITV)

Isla’s book, Marge In Charge, tells the story of a mischievous babysitter who loves to bend the rules.

But on this occasion, it was Jeremy and Kate who were up for bending the rules, steering the conversation into unexpected territory – namely sheep herding.

To be fair to Isla, she went along with it to begin with, suggesting that they could make a reality TV show about the subject.

Kate suggested that it had already been done, but Jezza persisted, asking the Wedding Crashers star where the show would be located.

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“I guess it would depend on the quality of the sheep,” responded the redhead, who’s married to Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen. “I could split my time between Australia and Scotland with the sheep?”

She then admitted what we’d all been thinking, telling the hosts: “I’m confused!”

The Australian star suggested the pair get professional help (Credit: ITV)

Jeremy later seemed to apologise to the bewildered guest, thanking her with the words: “I know it’s been the most bizarre interview we’ve ever done.”

And Kate told her co-star: “Anything to do with you is bizarre – that’s why we love you.”

But viewers at home seemed less than impressed with the segment.

One wrote on Twitter: “Jeremy Kyle loves the sound of his own voice too much to interview anyone. Poor Isla Fisher – let her speak!!!”

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Another added: “Can we actually hear what Isla Fisher has to say! Jeremy Kyle and Kate…. stop talking!!”

And a third viewer begged usual GMB presenter Piers Morgan to return from his holidays, saying: “Jeremy Kyle’s interview with Isla Fisher on GMB was car-crash TV. The attractive lass could not get a word in edgeways. Come back, Pierce [sic].”

GMB Today is replacing Lorraine until September 1, when Lorraine Kelly will be returning from holiday.

For some viewers, that date won’t come soon enough.