Six-year-old school shooting victim Jacob Hall dies days after playground attack

The little boy succumbed to injuries after being hit in the leg

The six-year-old boy who was shot in the leg while at a South Carolina elementary school on Wednesday, has died as a result of his injuries.

Jacob Hall’s family released a statement announcing that he died just days after allegedly being shot by a 14-year-old.

The bullet hit his femoral artery and the Townville Elementary School student reportedly lost 75 percent of his blood. Although initial reports earlier in the week said he was expected to survive, he died in hospital on Saturday afternoon.

In their statement, Jacob’s parents Renae and Rodger Hall said: “Jacob came into our lives six years and four months ago and changed it completely.

“He showed us how to love, laugh and smile even on days we did not want to.

“God gave him to us and he was taken away from us by a senseless act. We know that Jacob has already forgiven this child for what he did to him and his family because that’s the kind of child he was.

“Jacob was sent to this earth for this short period of time to show us that there is such a thing as pure love.”

Jacob’s older brother Gerald Gambrell paid tribute to the little boy posting a photo on his Facebook page of the child on his deathbed.

Gerald wrote: “I love you bubba. Watch over us like I know you will.”

Within moments of Jacob’s death he posted: “October 1st 2016 God took his strongest solder.

“Jacob will be with us forever and always in our hearts.”

The little boy was one of three people shot on Wednesday when the 14-year-old suspect allegedly walked into the school and fired at two children and one teacher before a firefighter restrained him.

The teen had allegedly killed his 47-year-old father Jeffrey Osborne before heading to the school.

On Friday he was charged with murder as a juvenile. Until Jacob’s death on Saturday he had also been charged with three counts of attempted murder.

The other two victims, who are expected to survive, are a teacher who was shot in the shoulder and another six-year-old.