Six out of 10 Brits are “already fed up of Christmas”

Survey finds most of us have had enough already

The trees and decorations are going up, the festive lights are shining bright and it’s only two weeks before Santa takes to his sleigh for his big night out.

As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Right?

Well, not so, for most of us. A new survey has found that 60 per cent of Brits have already had enough of Christmas.

Most Brits could take or leave Christmas right now (Credit: Enrico Perini/Pexels)

London’s famous Oxford Street lights were turned on as early as November 6 and the festive period seems to begin ever earlier each year.

So much so that the majority of people now say the magic is wearing off long before December 25.

The poll of 1,500 adults across the country found that six out of 10 already feel “over” Christmas.

One-third, meanwhile, say they have far too much to do in December, while 58 per cent are trying to avoid social events, with one-quarter actually dreading Christmas parties.

Trees and decorations are going up but we’re not feeling festive (Credit:

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Already, 63 per cent of people are planning ahead for their January health kick.

By now, the average Brit will have clocked up five Christmas shopping trips, two Winter Wonderland visits, tasted seven festive-themed drinks, been to three parties, had two Christmas dinners, eaten a dozen mince pies and watched a staggering 23 Christmas TV adverts, according to the research.

Clinical psychologist Rachel Andrews said: “We have so many unrealistic expectations about Christmas — idealised images from films, TV and social media — which lead us to think that we should be celebrating Christmas in a certain way.

A time for giving or just saying enough already? (Credit:

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“When we can’t achieve these ideals, it triggers concern that we aren’t ‘living our best lives’, which can lead to feeling pressured into trying to do everything, which is exhausting and unsustainable.”

The survey, carried out by Gordon’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic, also revealed that 83 per cent overindulge at Christmas.

Two-thirds of men and almost half of women admitted they found it hard to moderate what they drink, while 67 per cent said they would feel better if they could moderate their intake all year round.

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