Sir Michael Caine reveals his fear of getting cancer

The 84-year-old actor is scared of not seeing his grandchildren grow up

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Sir Michael Caine has admitted that he’s scared of getting cancer.

The Alfie star, 84, says he is constantly looking at foods that should be avoided and has even lost weight to make sure he’s around for a while longer.

Talking to The Sun, the cockney actor said: “I know my days are numbered and that’s the main worry.

From l-r, Caine pictured with wife Shakira and daughter Dominique

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“I’ve had to cut back on the drinking and I’m always looking up what’s the best thing against cancer, so I’ll eat that or do this or not do that.”

The grandfather is also very adamant on sticking around for his grandchildren, and wants to have another ten years of watching them all grow up.

Caine, with daughter Natasha

Caine added: “I’ll probably drop dead talking to you but you know I’ve lost 30lbs just because I want to see my grandchildren.

“They’re twins of six and a boy of seven. I’d like to get to 17 for the boy.”

The Oscar winner has banned ALL sugar, salt and gluten from his meals, but says that his one weakness is a bacon sarnie.

We don’t blame him!

Caine also made sure he praised his wife Shakira, 70, for his recent health overhaul, as she saved him for a very destructive few years.

The actor said: “Without her I’d have been dead long ago.

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“I used to drink a bottle of vodka a day and smoke several packs of cigarettes.”

Caine, who has starred in a whopping 163 films, has a new movie coming out next month, called Going In Style.

Talking of working at his age, the James Bond star said: “When the offers of work stop I will say I have retired.

“The film business will have to give me up, not the other way around.”