Sir David Jason says yes to Only Fools and Horses return

There’s one major ‘but’ though…

It is often regarded as one of the finest sitcoms to ever grace our television screens and it seems that its biggest star fancies a bit more of it.

You’d be a right plonker to not want it making a comeback as well.

Sir David Jason has indicated that he would do another Only Fools And Horses but there is one condition.

He is insists that the writer would need to be every bit as good as John Sullivan, who died in 2011.

Speaking to the Mirror, the Sir David said: “That would be good, wouldn’t it?

“We haven’t got a writer, if we had a good writer like the lovely John Sullivan, we would, I tell you.

“But my partner Nick (Lyndhurst) has gone on to other things, so you are stuck with Open All Hours.”

Sir David has been starring in the reboot of the classic Open All Hours, which is now in its third series.

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The TV legend has admitted that he is enjoying the remaking of old classics and thinks that Only Fools and Horses could be another that would be great to revive.

Sir David spoke to the Mirror at the Cirque du Soleil premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

He said: “I think the remakes are good, it’s nice to see the old style that people enjoy.

“That’s not to say the modern stuff isn’t good, it is.

“A lot of people have nostalgia and like to see the old stuff.”

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The 76-year-old has admitted that he hasn’t bothered with the “stress” of social media.

He revealed: “I deliberately decided not to go on Twitter. I’ve read about how much stress it can cause.

“I don’t think it’s healthy.”