Girl gang attack on Sinitta: ‘I was punched in the face at Sainsbury’s’

The star was left in tears

Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend Sinitta rose to fame in the early 80s but that has come at a price.

She had hits such as So Macho and Toy Boy and topped charts all over the world but not everybody was a fan of the singer.

The star opened up about the time she was targeted in Sainsbury’s by a nasty group of girls.

Sinitta spoke to the Daily Star Online and recalled the incident.

The 52-year-old said: “A girl gang attacked me in Sainsbury’s after I released Toy Boy.

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“They were calling me and I thought they were calling me like teenage girls, like fans.

“I just ran towards them and then I was hit.

“One of them punched me.”

Talking about how she felt after the attack, she said: “I was so embarrassed it didn’t even occur to me to call the police.

“I just went home and cried. I told my friends.

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“If it had happened today you would call the police.”

This has come out just days after Kim Kardashian had her luxury apartment raided and millions of dollars of jewellery stolen.

Commenting on the shocking news, Sinitta said: “That’s awful. It would freak me out. It’s time to move, literally move to London. People are crazy here but they are good crazy.”

Attending the London Lifestyle Awards she also commented on Sharon’s crazy decision to put Honey G through to the live shows.

“I am wondering if Sharon was drinking gin instead of water when she put Honey G through. I was very confused on her part,” she told the Daily Star.

“I love rap music but Honey G isn’t like the greatest rapper.”

Ya think?

She added: “I think Sharon has done it to get back at Simon but she did it so seriously… that can be the only explanation.”

The live shows are going to certainly be a talking point, that’s for sure.

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