Sinitta to broadcast vagina surgery LIVE on YouTube

The pop sensation is giving fans a fly-on-the-wall viewing...

Yep, you read that correctly.

Sinitta is set to bare all for a new documentary series, which includes broadcasting her vagina surgery LIVE.

The pop sensation has revealed to her fans that she is planning to go under the knife down there as part of a run of YouTube vids.

She told new! magazine: “I’m doing everything from aesthetic surgery to vaginoplasty.

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When asked whether she had previously had any work done on her privates, she replied: “No, but I’m going to.”

The former X Factor guest judge previously filmed a pal undergoing the operation, she then shared the footage live via Periscope.

She wrote alongside the graphic clip: “Dr Vincent is performing a live vaginoplasty.

“Tansy has had three children, she feels things are saggy and baggy and outside and wants to have everything rejuvenated and refreshed.

“And why not? Power to her. I don’t think it’s painful.”

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While she filmed the surgery, she admitted she was “squeezing her legs” throughout the whole session.

We don’t blame her!

A vaginoplasty – often known as a designer vagina – divides into three types, labiaplasty, pelvic floor repair and vaginal tightening.

How lovely.

As well as this, Sinitta is planning on a boob job to improve her chest and also wants to freeze her wrinkles with Botox injections.

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