Sinitta appears to throw shade at ‘best friend’ Simon Cowell

What's he done now then?

Wow. It seems Simon Cowell has absolutely no chill when it comes to axing people from his shows. That’s if his so-called BFF, Sinitta’s, Twitter rant is anything to go by.

Memories… (Credit: WENN)

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The singer used the social media site to let the world know that she won’t be doing X Factor this year, after being binned from Judge’s Houses for the second year running.

Last year, Si ditched her for Mel B at the last minute.

And there’s rumours going round that this year, she’s been cast aside for former judge, Cheryl. Now, that’s not how a BFF should behave, Simon.

Sinitta tweeted: “Today I was informed I will Not be doing @TheXFactor again this year (after being invited back 2 years in a row and so close to filming).”

Ouch (Credit: Twitter/Sinitta)

She added a meme with the words ‘so cold’ on it. Crikey.

Is new mum Chezza really being primed to make an X Factor come back?

If that’s the case, Sinitta will not be a happy bunny. She’s already had something to say about the possibility of Cheryl making an appearance on the show.

She told The Sun last week: “You can’t look like that, have hair like that, have Liam, have the perfect baby, the perfect body, the perfect face, be a pop star, be drop-dead gorgeous and take Judges’ Houses.

“She needs to stay in her lane a little bit. I love you Chez but don’t even go there – not that I’m bothered.

“I thought I was coming back but now I’ve heard Cheryl is coming back. Simon has been a bit quiet – on text messages and Whatsapp.”

Has she been binned off for ‘perfect’ Cheryl? (Instagram)

That’s pretty savage, even for Simon Cowell.

Sinitta’s fans were on hand to support her after her bad news bombshell. Her @ mentions were a mix of people telling her that she made the show.

There were also fans promising her that better things would be round the corner. ‘When one door closes, another one opens,’ one person reminded her.

Sinitta said back in July: “I’m going back to the X Factor this year. Simon has admitted he made a big mistake by replacing me with a Spice Girl — even though they are fabulous.

“He’s realised it’s not always about who’s the most successful or who’s made the most money. It’s about chemistry and together we have that, so he said he wants me back.”

Will Cheryl do THIS? We don’t think so (Credit: ITV)

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You need to block his number and make yourself some new friends, Sin.