Simon Cowell reveals next year’s X Factor judges

The music mogul has some VERY exciting news!

Simon Cowell has revealed some exciting news about next year’s X Factor.

When asked if Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger will be back next year, the music mogul seemed very certain of the idea.

He said: “I hope so!”

That’s right folks, the dream team will be back!

Can we get a hell yeah?!

But that’s not all…

There may also be a new addition to the team, who split the nation with her controversial act, and will definitely divide X Factor viewers if she becomes a regular on the show.

You haven’t heard the last of Honey G who is the most recent contestant to be booted off the show.

The rapper could be joining Rylan Neal-Clark and Matt Edmonson on the Xtra Factor.

Matt asked Simon: “Will Honey G be doing the Xtra Factor next year? We just need to know now.”

Simon replied: “If you want her to.”

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Matt insisted: “Of course we do!”

Simon confirmed: “Well there’s one gig.”

As Rylan shouted: “Honey G we’ve got you a job girl!”

She may have a job lined up in showbiz, but that doesn’t mean you’ve heard the last of her unique rap.

Has Honey landed a record deal?

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Well, she really hopes she has, telling Ry and Matt she prays her biggest fan Simon Cowell will grant her wish!

“I’d really, really like to get a record deal with Simon Cowell,” she admitted. “I have my heart set on that. I know I can sell records, and I’ve got the potential to go far as a rap artist.”

Simon, who has made no secret of the fact he thinks she’s a star, merely grinned and said: “We don’t make any decisions until after the show.”

We think he’d be a fool not to give her a chance, don’t you?

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