Simon Cowell reportedly in huge row with neighbour

Just use the garage

We’ve all had a bit of a set-to with our neighbours over the years, haven’t we?

Confusion over whose recycling bin is whose, noisy footsteps from an upstairs flat or perhaps a loud pet can easily cause a ruckus.

If our neighbour was Simon Cowell though, we’d probably let him get away with quite a lot at his posh Kensington pad.

Simon’s in a spot of bother with his neighbour (Credit: Flynet)

Sadly for Simon, his actual neighbour isn’t so easygoing. It’s been reported by The Sun that a furious neighbour threatened to “smash up” Simon’s luxury cars with a golf club!

The barney happened late on Tuesday night, when Simon allegedly parked one of his luxury motors outside his neighbour’s £2.5 million home.

And a blazing argument erupted as Simon prepared to leave the house for a Christmas party in a chauffeur-driven black Rolls-Royce.

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Unfortunately, there were also several other cars parked outside in Simon’s entourage, blocking the street.

Simon’s London pad (Credit: Flynet)

Reports said that the man was screaming about having “had enough” of Simon’s behaviour – with the police eventually being called in to calm things down.

The fed-up neighbour, who is so far unnamed, told The Sun the next day: “I wrote a sign on my door saying, ‘Please do not park in front of my house’ and they still did it.

“But I’m always unhappy with Cowell – he’s a [bleep]. Who is he? Some prat – the X Factor guy? I lost my temper last night and I’ll do it again – do not park near my frontage. It happens every night.”

His habit of leaving his garage door open supposedly wound up his neighbour (Credit: Flynet)

According to the neighbour, Simon is even responsible for bringing more crime to the area because he “leaves his garage doors open every night”.

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“His security guards don’t shut them till 12 o’clock and that’s a problem for me because he got robbed. If you do that they’re not just going to come and take biscuits… I’m sick of his face.”

Crikey, strong words! It looks like that’s at least one person Simon Cowell probably won’t receive a Christmas card from…

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