Simon Cowell left cringing after making huge error during X Factor hopefuls’ audition

Fans at home were 'howling'

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‘Mr. Nasty’ Simon Cowell seems to have softened in recent years following the birth of his son, Eric.

But it may have been taking things a little too far on Saturday’s X Factor, when he told tone deaf Justin Bieber wannabes Pretty Boy Karma that they had ‘four yeses’!

Sorry, boys, it’s not four yeses… [Credit: ITV]
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It came as a shock for the viewers given all four judges had pretty much dismissed the pair’s performance of Girlfriend by ‘N Sync and, er, all four judges had said no…

“Sorry, guys, it’s four yeses but nice to see you,” said Simon.

Of course, it was nothing more than a slip of the tongue from Simon, who described the audition as ‘a nightmare’.

He quickly corrected his mistake, leaving the duo to protest that the judges had made one of their own by not putting them through to Bootcamp.

The X Factor is back, and first auditions are as hilarious as ever. (Credit: ITV)

Viewers took to Twitter to poke fun at Simon’s blunder.

One viewer wrote: “As if Simon said four yes’ instead of four no’s! (sic)”, complete with crying laughing emojis.

Another said: “Simon saying 4 yes instead of 4 nos, I’m howling! (sic)”

“Hahaha it’s 4 yes’ #megablooper there Simon! (sic)” added a third.

Louis Walsh, meanwhile, was on fine form, telling the pair that they “made Jedward look like Simon and Garfunkel”.

His cheeky comment also had Twitter in stitches.

“You make Jedward look like Simon & Garfunkel” Whahahahahaha Funniest saying I’ve heard in a long time! (sic)” wrote one fan.

“Line of the series already: “Honestly, you make Jedward look like Simon & Garfunkle, (sic)” another fan tweeted.

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Another gave the comment even higher praise, saying: “Louis saying ‘you make Jedward look like Simon and Garfunkel’ to these two is the best thing he’s said in the past 14 years!”

Hmm, not sure if that’s a compliment or not!

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