BGT audience in hysterics as impressionist does ace Cheryl take-off

Comedy mimicker made a rather good impression on the panel and viewers

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If you thought the next few weekends were going to be big dull duds now that Takeaway and The Voice were finished – think again.

This evening saw the return of ratings blockbuster Britain’s Got Talent and by golly it was well and truly back.

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Packed with some of the UK’s most talented (and, of course, least talented) wannabes, viewers were once again enchanted by some rather impressive turns.

But the one that really made us all sit up and take notice was Jess Robinson, an impressionist that had the judging panel giggling away like kids on laughing gas.

But this mimicking miss – a special needs teacher from North London – was an impressionist with a difference.

Instead of firing out a bunch of gags pretending to be a host of famous voices, she instead did something a bit different.

She sang as the world’s biggest superstars, channelling the likes of Shirley Bassey, Britney Spears, Julie Andrews, Sharon Osbourne and Cheryl.

While we thought her Britney didn’t quite hit the mark, her funny rendition of Simon’s old mucker Chez was pretty spot on, especially as she chose to actually speak the words to Fight For Our Love because “you wouldn’t recognise me voice if I’d sung!”

The cheeky minx!

Although she is happy as a teacher, Jess says she has long harboured ambitions to be a performer.

“I’ve wanted to enter for a few years,” she told the judges after universally praised performance. “I’ve always chickened out but quite a lot has changed for me in the last year so I’m giving it a go.”

When asked by an impressed Simon Cowell what’s changed, she admitted: “Fun things like moving house, getting divorced. Good things. Exciting, fun things.”

Whether Jess makes it through the finals remains to be seen.

But Simon says he is intent on finding a global superstar!

You know, just as he says EVERY year!

“What are my hopes for this series?” he said recently. “It’s what we always hope for, to find a star. Hopefully we’ll find something you’ve never seen before.

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“I like the fact that this show is open to anyone, anything. I know this sounds corny but this is a show about making dreams come true.

“I don’t know who’s going to win, whether it’s an animal or a human, but I like that!”