Simon Cowell in backstage clash with X Factor wannabe  

Cowell is left fuming after on-screen slap in the face from his own act!

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Emily Middlemass must have a death wish, after openly criticizing Simon Cowell on the X Factor on Saturday night.

She was panned by Sharon, Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Sherzinger after performing like a wet lettuce in another dreary song. Simon Cowell tried to pep her up though, saying she has star quality and to “forget what they said, it was beautifully done”

Kind words, but they went straight over Emily’s head. It seems she was angry at being forced to do another slow number, Wishing On A Star, hinting at backstage clashes with Cowell over her song choices.

When Dermot asked her what she thought of the performance, she took Simon’s praise and threw it back in his face, saying: “I agree with all three of them. I really want to do something upbeat. I’ve just stood on the one spot”.

Cue Simon pulling a very unimpressed face. You could just hear the recording contract being torn to shreds in his head.

But Emily wasn’t done yet. If there was any chance of forgiveness from the music mogul, she set light to it by going on: “I want my personality to come out more. I want to do something more exciting.”

I suppose being booted out of Simon’s good books could be called…exciting?

Later, on ITV2’s Xtra Factor, she revealed just how tense things were: “Simon is so angry with me. He just saw in the corridor, blanked me and said ‘we’ll talk’.”

She then added: “I really wanted to [sing an upbeat song] this week but I guess I kind of have to take Simon’s word for it”.

Emily, you might need to wish on a star tonight if you’re hoping to patch things up with your mentor!

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