Is Simon Cowell actually ashamed of Honey G?

A source says he thinks Honey G will make the show a laughing stock

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Simon Cowell is terrified that if Honey G wins the X Factor series, he will be left with egg on his face.

According to the (n)ever-reliable Daily Star Sunday, the music mogul thinks that her scooping the winner’s title could make the talent show a laughing stock.

Quoting a source, the paper said: “Simon’s trying to put a brave face on it for the cameras saying how she has won him over.

“But despite the bravado he knows it would be disastrous for the show if she won.

“There is a genuine fear that X Factor haters will vote for Honey in some sort of anti-X Factor campaign.

“The last thing he wants to do is fuel the fire by attacking Honey and giving haters more reason to vote.”

However, the source seems to be talking out of their backside, as Simon made it quite clear on last night’s show after her performance of Run DMC’s It’s Like That that he was actually a big supporter of the middle-aged rapper and didn’t care what people thought about her.

“A lot of people have called me this week and asking are you judging her based on talent, maybe it’s time for a reality check,”he explained, before addressing Honey directly, “Here’s the truth. I love you. I don’t know why. You are infectious.

“Is it the best thing I have ever heard? No? do I look forward to you coming back? Yes. It’s time to rip up the rule book.”

In the same show Honey G challenged Ed Balls from rival show Strictly Come Dancing to a dance off. Earlier in the week, the former potictian was quoted as saying he was ‘better” than her, the rapper hit back ‘I’d like to challenge Ed Balls to a dance off. Challenge me any day. He knows where I am.”

But while the nation seems to be falling for Honey, it would appear that more people are less in love with the show.

According to latest viewing figures, the BBC ballroom dancing show was watched by almost twice the number of viewers than the ITV singing competition.

Strictly peaked at more than 11.89 million viewers, while The X Factor could only manage a peak of 6.88 million. Ouch!