Sick students seemingly dress up as Alton Towers Smiler victims

Insensitive bunch have been branded disrespectful and disgusting

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It’s beyond us why, but a group of students chose to dress up as amputees on a rollercoaster in what most people will doubtless assume to be a disgusting reference to the Alton Towers theme park tragedy.

The youngsters crafted their ‘rollercoaster’ out of cardboard and wore foam noodles as the seat harnesses. Some had tied their jeans at the knee, apparently to look like amputees.

The idiots (fair comment, we think!), who were on a charity pub crawl in Nottingham, dubbed themselves the ‘7 Legless’ during the night out, student publication The Tab reports.

Needless to say, as soon as the news hit social media, there was uproar. Joe Pugh, one of the victims of the Alton Towers Smiler incident in June 2015, tweeted his disgust.

He and girlfriend Leah Washington were in the front carriage of rollercoaster The Smiler when it rammed into a stationary car at 50mph. Joe was seriously injured, and Leah lost a leg.

Merlin, owners of Alton Towers, were found to be at fault for the collision and fined £5million.

According to The Tab, the group have claimed that they did not intend the costume to be a reference to The Smiler incident  and 7 Legless was referring to their drunken state.