Shoppers desperate to try new gadget that stops farts from stinking

Introducing the Carbonana…

Someone has invented a gadget that means you can fart wherever and whenever you like without the worry of a stinky odour following you around.

Recently seen on This Morning, the Carbonana had hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in stitches as they described how it worked.

Lifts, queues, waiting rooms, aeroplanes and any other confined space can be the stuff of nightmares when you’ve got a bad belly.

The new product means you can fart without worry (Credit: Shreddies)

But now all that worry could be a thing of the past as the gadget lets you fart without fear.

“New for 2020, the Carbonana is an innovative product,” the gadget’s maker Shreddies said.

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“Designed with air travel in mind, it offers you discreet protection when you need it most. The Carbonana can also be worn anywhere – like the car, the office or public transport,” it added.

Shaped like a banana, the Carbonana is designed to “sit between the buttocks and absorb gasses before they escape your underwear”, the blurb states.

Available online in black and nude, it costs £19.

The £19 product is great for farting in confined spaces (Credit: Shreddies)

The company also make underwear, pyjamas and jeans which “filer flatulence” thanks to an “activated carbon lining that absorbs all flatulence odour”.

“Thank you for creating a product that has changed my life! I can now work indoors without fear. I am more relaxed and have more confidence,” said one happy customer.

“Is that a banana in your pants or are you just pleased to let off!?” quipped one person on the company’s Instagram.

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Shopper seem to think the new portable product is definitely worth a try!

“You need this,” said one woman, tagging her other half.

“We need to get this for Dad,” said another.

“No more upset stomach from holding them in,” said another soon-to-be shopper.

“I need this in my life,” said another.

An illustration on the website shows how it works (Credit: Shreddies)

“I have been saved because yours are deadly,” said another woman tagging her partner.

“I’ve ordered you a multipack,” quipped another.

I have been saved because yours are deadly.

Others wanted the inventors to go one better with their next product.

“Could someone invent a gadget to also make them noiseless?” they asked.

However, some said the new Carbonana looked set to take all the fun out of farting in a public place.

“Nothing better than letting one off in a crowded place,” one quipped.

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