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Monday 17th June 2019

Wedding shop praised for using a mannequin in a wheelchair

Many have praised the inclusive display

A photo of a shop window has gone viral on Twitter, thanks to its inclusive display featuring a mannequin in a wheelchair.

In fact, the tweet has already been liked more than 25k times, with many admitting it made them "cry".

Artist Beth Wilson, who is disabled, was the one to spot the window display.

She shared the image, explaining in a tweet: "The new wedding shop in town has a wheelchair using mannequin and it shouldn’t be exciting but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen disability portrayed in a shop window."

The instant reaction to her post was so extreme, Beth admitted she had to mute the post as "it’s destroying my notifications!"

One comment read: "This is fab! If only more bridal shops showed this level of inclusivity."

Another said: "This is AWESOME. Made my eyes leak a bit."

A third tweeted: "Have to say, that dress looks fabulous with the chair, good to see them showcase how important it is that they make sure dresses look great for every client." While a fourth wrote simply: "Okay, this makes me cry a little."

Someone spotted something similar in Japan (Credit Abba_Wabbaz Twitter)

Another follower shared a photo from Japan that featured a wheelchair in a window display.

Other wheelchair-users shared their own wedding dress pictures, including one Twitter user named Sarah, who wrote: "Have to say, when I got married it was the most difficult and emotional element. So much pressure to be that bride. Bought @jimmychoo shoes to highlight wheelchair users love shoes too! Hopefully I looked ok!"

Beth - who makes comics about autism and mental health, went on to reveal the shop as The White Collection in Portishead, Bristol - later took to Twitter to say: "Celebrating inclusivity is so much more fun than the usual having to complain about it and fight for accessibility. Today has been refreshing."

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The Press Association spoke to the 36-year-old, who has used a wheelchair for the past five years. She said: "So often disabled people feel invisible because we don’t see ourselves in the media… especially not modelling beautiful clothes.

"I don’t need a wedding dress but if I did, I’d definitely be far happier about going to a shop where I knew that I’d be accepted, wheelchair and all."

If only more bridal shops showed this level of inclusivity,

PA also contacted the owners of the bridal boutique, sisters Laura Allen and Sarah Parker, who admitted they "didn’t think much about it" when they made up the window.

Laura added: "It’s been great having such a positive response, but in a way it’s quite sad people have done a double take. It shows how rare it is to see a wheelchair in a shop window. It would be nice one day for people to double take just because they like the dress."

The owners later took to Instagram to call it a "crazy day," adding: "Thank you for all of your positivity about our window today."

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This is such an important issue to highlight. Well done, The White Collection!

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